Wine Decanter - Superior Brilliance Crystal Wine Carafe - Waterfall Edition - 50 Ounces

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Add an elegant flair to your parties, events, and social affairs, and enjoy your wine in style!

With its unique beauty and touch of class, this wine glasses set speaks the language of all. Party planners will appreciate its original theme and modern look, wine enthusiasts will love its attractive style and aerating possibilities, and homemakers will delight in the atmosphere that it sets in their homes. 

Meet the power of the waterfall and discover its impressive beauty

The luminous glass of these wine glasses is amalgamated with an luxurious waterfall design, adding a breathtaking air to the setup at your home bar or at party celebrations. It's flawless smooth stem further completes its polished look...

The Glass That Enhances Red Wine

Let’s the wine breath - These large wine glasses offer a round wide bowl which increases the oxidation rate to oxidize the wine

Unleash the flavor - A narrower mouth top effectively allows swirling the wine for it to aerate better and smooth out some red wine complex flavor details

Inspired by the waterfall - The waterfall ridges on the sides further helps the swirl generating waves to accumulate aromas of even more delicate red wines

Enjoy every sip - Its precise rim cut out on the top opening directs the wine to the tip of the tongue for professional wine tasting

Makes a Great Gift, GUARANTEED! 

Make a statement by gifting this sophisticated wine cup set to that special someone, or acquire it for yourself. This elegant and luxuries wine cups are sure to be loved by anyone and is a perfect wine lover gifts for men and for anniversaries, weddings, housewarming parties, birthdays, father's day, Christmas and nearly every type of occasion!

Made In Czech Republic

  • WATERFALL WINE GLASSES - This beautiful 6-piece set of 16 oz stemless wine glasses set will sure Raise-The-Bar-at-Home, enhance the party table at celebrations, and inspire family and guests attending
  • ENHANCES WINE – Swirling red wine on the waterfall ridges of this European made wine cups, will effectively allow the wine to aerate better and become significantly more expressive
  • STEAMED WINE GLASSES – The design and style of this wine tumblers will add luminous elegance compared to standard wine glasses but also keeps that simple classy and modern look
  • ULTRA CLEAR CRYSTAL – Pure superior glass clarity will precisely showcase the colors and details of the red or white wines thru its waterfall bowl presenting an eye-catching presentation
  • AWARD ANYONE - Gift this sophisticated wine glass set to that special someone, or acquire it for yourself, a perfect gift for Father’s day, Christmas, Birthday or for any special occasion. Dimension: Height - 10" Stem - 4" Base - 3" Bowl - 6" Rim - 2.5"

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