Bezrat Bump and Go Kids Action Space Battleplane - Big Model Plane with Attractive Lights and Sounds - Changes Direction On Contact - Best for Kids Age 3 and Up. (Colors May Vary)

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Battery Powered Bump and Go Airplane with Flashing Lights and Sounds! Bump and go airplane drives on its own. Crashes all over (that's the fun part of it) and changes direction on contact.

This makes the best gift for birthdays, or any other event.

Looking for something to buy for Christmas? THIS IS IT!

This little airplane will thrill any young child, as the glowing colored lights are so bright. As soon as the plane goes and bumps into something, it shoots in a different direction! This gift will keep your kids spellbound in delight and will surely be a winner!

Just pop in a couple of batteries and the show is on.

A great gift for any little boy or girl!

  • Toys Bump and Go Action, jet Toy, with Lights and Sounds 3 AA BATTERIES REQUIRED
  • Plane Bumps and Go's without stopping, if it bumps into anything it will just back out and continue its journey
  • Loud musical sounds and beautiful flashing lights. Try to place it in the dark.
  • Watch your kids imagination at work, pretending to be the pilot, turning on the airplane. He makes sure everything is checked before takeoff. And...The flight is CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF
  • This airplane drives around and around with takeoff sounds, changes direction when in contact with the wall or any object, beautiful attractive lights shine from the top and from the airbus wings.