Bezrat Ceramic Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid - Elegant Butter Dish with Cover and Handle, White/Gold

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Impress your guests and family by adding this pretty and useful piece to your collection. Whether your kitchen is modern, traditional or vintage style, this beautifully designed white and gold butter holder is sure to blend right in. Its hammered porcelain finish will lend an elegant yet classy look to your home!

Are you tired of messing with hardened butter? Are you constantly busy moving your butter sticks in and out of the refrigrator? Here is the perfect solution!
Statistics show that it is perfectly safe to keep small amounts of butter outside of the refrigerator, when fully covered in the right dish. Conveniently place our butter holder with lid on your countertop, or adorn your table with it, and enjoy soft butter at any given time.

Be sure to make use of its practicality, and easily wash it in the dishwasher.

This dish is sure to greatly enhance your daily meals, and the beauty in your home too!!

  • Made of ceramic porcelain hard material, is highly durable, Washes easily and is Dishwasher safe!
  • This Elegant rich white and gold butter keeper, looks great on table, and blends well with most kitchens…
  • Curved edges are great for a mess-free easy smear- helps spread the butter smoothly. Many also use it as a pretty serving dish
  • This dish works well for cream cheese and other cheeses, Eastern and Western butter
  • Butter holder with lid keeps butter soft and tasty when out of the refrigerator.

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