Bezrat Microwave Glass Plate Cover | Splatter Guard Lid with Easy Grip Silicone Handle Knob - Tempered Glass | 100% Food Grade | BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe | Fits Plates and Bowls 10.5x2.5" (Black)

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  • ✅Keep Your Microwave Clean: Cover your food plate, bowl or meal prep container in the microwave with this pure glass splatter guard lid, for a dirt and mess free experience
  • ✅And Your Food Safe: Unlike plastic and rubber collapsible microwave covers this lid will not melt and won’t release BPA, Lead or any harsh chemicals onto your food
  • ✅Hole Venting System: Allows steam to escape, controls the hot air to heat your food evenly and prevents the food from drying out by keeping it fresh and moist
  • ✅The Power of Glass: Offers an easy way to see your plate content as it reheats – withstands successive usage - sturdy enough to be placed in the dishwasher
  • ✅Firm Grip Handle: Makes it super easy to cover/uncover the food plate and to handle in and out of the microwave or to store them in your kitchen drawer or cabinet


Microwave ovens are a joy to use, practical and easy to warm food plates, but microwave messes can be awful. further wasting paper towels not only won’t help protect the environment but is messy by itself, Using plastic microwave plate lid covers is also not preferred as it melts and possibly adds BPA and or other harsh chemicals on your favorite food.

Enter this pretty and useful essential to your kitchen collection

whether your kitchen is modern, traditional or vintage style, this beautifully designed glass microwave cover is sure to blend right in and it does the job of a splatter guard by keeping your microwave clean and your food safe

Designed to perfection with its hole venting system and its firm and easy to grip silicone handle.

Product Measurements


  • Outer dimensions are 10.5" on its widest diameter
  • The inner dimensions start from 10.5 inches at it widest bottom, but somewhat narrows thru the top