Bezrat Stainless Steel 2-Quart Food 3 Discs | Kitchen Mill for Mashing, Straining & Grating Fruits & Vegetables | Easy to Clean & Durable Quality, 17 x 9 x 5.2 inches, Silver

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Discover The Must-Have Kitchen Tool That Will Help Save Your Time & Effort!

If you are looking for a convenient, durable and practical food mill that will make mashing your favorite fruits and veggies easier than ever, then you should look no further.

Presenting The Bezrat Premium Stainless Steel Food Mill For Mashing, Grating & Straining!

Our heavy-duty manual food mills is finally here to make your life in the kitchen easier and allow you to prepare your favorite canned foods, jams and sauces without any effort. Unlike all those cheaply-made products that fall apart after a few weeks, our robust food mill is here to pass the test of time and help you make the most mouth-watering sauces and purees for years to come.

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Mill?

Because You Love Homemade Pasta Sauce – preparing delicious pasta sauce for your children and grandchildren has never been easier. Mash and seed your aromatic tomatoes effortlessly and offer your loved ones the freshest homemade pasta sauce.

Because You Want To Eat Healthier – preparing your own healthy foods can be quite a hassle, especially if you don’t like scrubbing kitchen tools. With our easy-to-clean stainless steel food mill you can prepare your healthy foods without any effort.

Because You Don’t Want To Throw Away Fresh Produce – is harvest season approaching? Now you can prepare canned foods effortlessly with our solid and well-made apple food mill, which features 3 different discs for your maximum convenience.

Need More Reasons?

  • Hypoallergenic Food-Grade Stainless Steel
  • 3 X Different Disks
  • Portable & Space Saving Design
  • Ideal For Both Pro & Amateur Chefs

    • Do you like no-lump mashed potatoes? The Bezrat premium Stainless Steel food mill is finally here to help you make the most delicious lump-free mashed potatoes effortlessly. The sturdy construction combined with the easy-to-use design will make mashing foods easier than ever.
    • Want to prepare homemade pasta sauce? Take all the fuss out of mashing and seeding your fresh tomatoes with the Bezrat food mill, which is specially designed to separate small seeds from the pulp, thus offering you a smooth puree of tomatoes for your homemade salsa.
    • You don’t have to be a Pro to use it! You can easily operate Our metallic kitchen food mill for fruit and vegetables even if you have zero experience in the kitchen. Prepare canned foods, make the smoothest mashed potatoes and impress your loved ones with yummy jams – starting Today.
    • Looking for a special housewarming gift? Rest assured that every Pro or amateur cook will love the Bezrat food-grade Stainless Steel food mill, which will help him/her make applesauce, homemade jelly or mashed beans without any effort or hassle.
    • 100% Satisfaction - our convenient and easy-to-clean Stainless Steel kitchen mill is backed by our unconditional 30-day money back. If you are not 100% thrilled with your prograde food mill, we will offer you a full refund on the spot.

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