Bezrat Universal Lid for Pans and Pots – Tempered Glass with Silicone Trim Cover

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Do you spend your cooking hours searching through your kitchen, trying to locate the right size cover for your saucepan?

Does that pile of pot lids on your shelf annoy you each time you open your cabinet door?

Are your old and lonely cookware collecting dust as they mourn their missing lids?

Enter Bezrat universal replacement cover, an innovative addition to your culinary collection. It

helps you eliminate the chaos in your kitchen drawers and become super-organized!



The universal pot lid is made of superior tempered glass and rimmed with firm silicone to protect

its edges. The glass offers an easy way to see your pot contents at all times!


The Universal lid cover is easy to handle, since its knob is heat resistant- it stays cool even in

extreme heat! 


This item comfortably fits most saucepans, frying pans, and pots- anything that is 10,11, or 12

inches in diameter.


The lid also serves as a microwave plate cover, since it is %100 metal free. Even its screw is

ceramic! By far the only lid that is microwave safe.


Created with you in mind, the lid is super easy to clean. It is sturdy enough to be placed in the

dishwasher! Whether lightly soiled or extremely greased, you get to skip the tough scrubbing.


Your search for a practical lid organizer has come to an end- the universal pot cover is a simple

solution to keeping your kitchen tidy. By using one great cover instead of many, you'll save your

space, time and energy for the things that really matter!

  • ✔ KEEP YOUR KITCHEN ORDERLY with this smart all in one lid- stop hunting for the right size covers, and get to use those pans with missing ones, also a great lid replacement for your old pot covers
  • ✔ DESIGNED WITH QUALITY AND FLAIR. its tempered glass material and silicone rim are strong and durable. The venting hole on top keeps food from spilling over.
  • ✔ MICROWAVE SAFE! Enjoy a true bonus of this great item - Use it as a microwave plate cover... The only universal pot cover that's metal-free!
  • ✔ HEAT-RESISTANT KNOB handle the lid with full confidence - its keeps you safe through the hottest of temperatures.
  • ✔ DISHWASHER SAFE! Whether used for light cooking or for heavily greased food, get away without the tough scrubbing or cleaning, just throw it in the dishwasher

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