Bezrat Vented, Silicone and Glass, Collapsible Microwave Plate Cover - Splatter Guard Hover Lid with Handle - Compact Square Design for Meal Prep Containers and Plates - 10.5 Inches

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Upgrade your daily microwave usage to a comfortable and splatter-free experience!

This clever microwave plate cover is conveniently made out of silicone and tempered glass. While it is strong enough to tolerate extreme heat without melting, it is also somewhat soft and flexible, unfailingly surviving falls and drops.

Food grade quality - Food safe Material

Are you fed up of smelly covers? The innovative materials of the Bezrat microwave cover do not absorb any odors! They are also BPA and chemical free- your food will stay safe and pure... Thus, this is just the perfect deal between the standard plastic and glass choices.

Modern shape and design

The modern look of this microwave cover is not just in appearance. It features two vent holes on top so the food gets warmed evenly. After the food is heated, the steam gets released through the holes. Your food stays warm and fresh, yet it does not turn soggy!

Safe & Practical

In addition, its easy-grip silicone knob is heat resistant, enabling it to be touched at any time.
And best of all, this utensil is super easy to clean- it is dishwasher safe, too, just in case!

Mess free experience

Use it to cover plates up to 10.5 inches in diameter. It is high enough so that it will not come in contact with your food, preventing messes and splatters while protecting your ready portion.

Use it all the time

Savor the benefits of this superb product as you warm up dinner plates, reheat leftovers, and prepare quick snacks. Enjoy stress-free preparations, and eat your delicious meals in peace!

  • Unlike other plastic covers, this one is made of silicone and tempered glass- it will not melt! Guaranteed to withstand rough frequent use without breaking.
  • Prevent any unnecessary messes in your plate- cover is high enough so that it does not touch the food. Fits plates up to 10.5 in diameter 3.25 Height
  • Highly practical for daily use- this plate cover is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Fully collapsible for easy storage
  • Enjoy fresh and evenly heated food! The two vents on top release steam to ward off sogginess. Easy grip knob is heat resistant, safe to be touched instantly
  • This microwave plate cover is by nature BPA and chemical free! Keeps your food healthy, pure and natural

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