Vented Collapsible Silicone and Glass Microwave Plate Cover | Large 12-inch Splatter Guard Lid | 100% Food Grade | Dishwasher Safe (Red)

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  • PATENT Collapsible Microwave Plate Cover. simply pull the knob to pop it open, push it down for it to fully collapse - flattens to 1.5” super convenient space saver to store in a cabinet or drawer
  • All side ventilation prevents condensation by allowing steam to expel – Keeps microwave clean and splatter free – performs as a food steamer for evenly heated, fresh and moisty food
  • Food safe durable tempered glass & silicon, Dishwasher safe, 100% BPA, toxic, and chemical or odor Free, does not add taste to food – Highly tempered glass with soft silicon so it won't break
  • This microwave dome cover modern design and large 12 x 4-inch size perfectly accommodates most plates and bowls and will perfectly blend in as an add on to your kitchen accessory collection
  • Its heat resistant knob Let's you remove the lid right away without having to wait for it to cool – Silicone is the preferred material used nowadays as it does not harbor mold, mildew, or germs

Our astonishing microwave cover shows off as an elegant sturdy Lid that is sure to add profession to your existing kitchen gadget collection

The quality speaks for itself, tempered glass and firm silicone also assembled in a way so that the silicone always protects the tempered glass from breaking even when it falls

sure there is other microwave plate covers out there, but most are plastic and that is not we offer, instead you get real food safe materials... and don’t even think of BPA or any chemicals because this is 100% FREE from all...

And we have done it right this time too, Holes on all 4 sides and 2 on the top this will make sure that condensation easily escapes, ensures a smooth reheating with no popups or water puddles of sogg and moist

Smart Innovation and a loving addicting feature, best of all it is easy as 1-2-3 just push down the knob and it magically flattens from 4 inches to a small 1.5-inch lid, ready to use again? Sure! pull the knob. And it magically pops back open ready to use...

No more gripping on hot plastic covers burning hands or pushing and throwing the cover back and forth.. uh uh.. well, because this silicone handle dos not get hot and it is ready to take off immediately after reheat

Large 12-inch size Fits almost anything
In fact, it is just around the standard size of most popular brand name microwave glass roundtables such like GE LG or Samsung microwaves

 Product Highlights

• Dishwasher Safe
• Oven Safe up to 450°
• Microwave Safe
• Food Safe
• Collapsible
• Unbreakable
• Unmelt-able